Bypass Caching on a Web Site in TMG

There may be certain situations where you require certain sites not to be stored in the TMG cache.

You can do this by creating a cache rule with the following settings.

  1. Navigate to Web Access Policy
  2. Choose Web Caching
  3. Navigate to the Cache Rules tab
  4. Press New
  5. Type in the name of your cache rule
  6. Create a URL or Computer set for the website you don’t want to be cached and add that to the “Cache content requested from these destinations”
  7. Select “Only if a valid version of the object exists in the cache. If no valid version exists, route the request to the server
  8. Choose “never, no content will ever be cached”
  9. Hit Next and then Finish
  10. Make sure your rule is above the Default cache rule and then apply your changes

The site should no longed be cached Smile

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