The June 2018 CU for SharePoint 2016 has now been released! (

This security update contains improvements and fixes for the following nonsecurity issues in SharePoint Enterprise Server 2016:

  • Assume that you use the content editor web part (CEWP) to enter an incorrectly spelled word on a SharePoint page. When you publish the page, the incorrectly spelled word is not underlined, and some letters are deleted.
  • Full date format uses nominative instead of genitive for month names for some regions. For example, 13 styczen (nominative) is displayed instead of 13 stycznia (genitive) for Polish.
  • During the AD import for user profile application (UPA), default property settings are reflected for the Work Email property even if the mapping is customized.
  • Cyrillic characters are not localized correctly in sites, lists, and document names on the Summary page that is created by the Send to connections feature.
  • Some parts of attachments remain in the database even after the containing folder of the parent list item is deleted. After you install this update and the database is upgraded, subsequent folder deletions delete all parts of the attachments that are associated within the contained list items.
  • When you try to synchronize a custom time zone from a Business Data Connectivity (BDC) database to a User Profile Application (UPA) database, you receive the System.InvalidOperationException exception.
  • The Move-SPSite cmdlet causes data loss if Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) is enabled.
  • When you select a term from the managed metadata on a column header in order to filter a task list, you receive the following error message:There are no items to show in this view.
  • The CSOM LookupTable.Entries.Remove() method fails and returns the error: PJClientCallableException: CICONotCheckedOut CICONotCheckedOut.


The update also includes a security update that resolves vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office that could allow remote code execution if a user opens a specially crafted Office file.

You can download this CU from