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Working with Microsoft our Modern Work Specialists have developed a video bundle to help many businesses accelerate their modern transformation journey.

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Video 1 – Why should you upgrade to Windows 11?

Discover how to upgrade to Windows 11, using the feature ‘Windows Autopatch’. Join one of our Consultants, Paul, as he journeys through the benefits you can expect to see after upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11, including built in security and much improved user experiences across the platform. Paul showcases the capabilities of Autopatch, the prerequisites and licences needed in order to use the software, and then provides an in-depth demonstration on how to upgrade. Paul will then go into the next steps and how risual can assist you, if you are interested in deploying Windows 11 within your organisation.

Video 2 – Windows 365 Cloud PC for the hybrid workplace.

Join our Principal Consultant, Matthew, as he discusses Windows 365 and what changes have been made since the last introduction of Windows 10. The world has changed, and customers requirements are different, and the world no relies on technology more than ever, and the need to adapt said technology to fit with ever changing needs, has become prevalent. Matthew gives a great industry insight, a demo of Windows 365 in action, how risual can help with Windows 365, key benefits and next steps to implementation.

Video 3 – How to do more with less, with Microsoft 365.

Paul and Hassan discuss how you can do more with less, and managing Windows in Intune. They provide a commercial industry insight and risual client stories, whilst discussing current trends and patterns in the industry. Discover how to deploy Windows in cloud configuration, including – prerequisites, licensing requirements and a detailed demonstration with Paul and Hassan. Perfect for those of you who are wanting to eliminate redundant solutions, simplify IT management and protect & support a digitally connected, distributed hybrid workforce.

Video 4 – Frontline Workers

Join Jay, one of our Principal Consultants, as he guides us through an in depth video showcasing the frontline worker, their requirements and challenges, and how we can support them, here at risual. Jay discusses an industry insight into frontline workers, and some of the issues they face, and any trends or patterns that have been uncovered from the industry. Jay will then discuss risuals’ experience and solutions provided to frontline workers, and then leads into a discussion on how we can provide practical advice and solutions, during our ‘Enable Frontline Workshop’.

Video 5 – Microsoft Viva

Radek will be joined by a Microsoft speaker who will be discussing the latest industry insight into Front Line Workers and the dysconnectivity between those on site and those in office. Showcasing the challenges industries such as Local Regional Government and Healthcare are currently facing around collaboration and communication.

Radek will be deep diving into how we can combat those challenges, how can technology support the front line worker, and other industries to modernise, improve their collaboration and communication and wellbeing.

Radek will mainly be talking about how technology (Viva in particular) aims to bridge the gap and combat any challenges faced with modern work – more so as businesses of today of trying to fight inflation threats and recession

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