Enable Frontline Workshop

Frontline workers are the backbone of hybrid operations, for all major industries.

What if we told you that 1 in 4 of your frontline workforce, does not have the right tools to do their job. Can you take that risk?

As the hub for teamwork, Microsoft Teams is designed to help frontline workers be more productive. To help you, our virtual workshop will explore opportunities to transform your frontline workers day to day experiences with purpose-built solutions, tailored for your organisation.


Included in your Enable Frontline Workshop will be:

  • An assessment of your frontline workforce needs, tailored to you.
  • An identification of your pain points and challenges that impede the productivity of your frontline workforce. 
  • Personas and mapping to your top prioritised scenarios to deliver innovative solutions to your frontline workers.
  • An envisioning The ‘Art of the Possible’ for Frontline Platform – a combination of presentations and immersive experiences designed to showcase Microsoft Teams, Shifts, Tasks, Approvals, Power Platform, Viva Connections, LoB apps. 
  • A prioritised, actionable plan to quickly address your frontline worker needs by implementing and adopting frontline solution, take action on what we learn.
  • A solid plan to work with you to drive pilot or proof of concept, to prove the ROI of what we uncover during the session.

Enable Frontline Worker