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Use the power of Dynamics 365 to create intelligent cloud applications for almost any scenario. At risual, we view Dynamics 365 is the ‘hub’ on which an organisation’s business applications can be built around. It is adaptable enough to be one system for multiple different job roles within an organisation.

Insight and Intelligence

Built In.

In almost every industry, customers are able to instantly compare prices and reviews creating an increasingly competitive market. Regardless of how you use Dynamics 365 as a CRM or ERP system, the solution can report on outcomes to help build an understanding of your business from back office functions to the status of every machine, person and customer. Senior Management are then able to make decisions based on real time data across all departments. This ensures that an organisation can identify how to save on costs and drive efficiencies, as well as identify any trends in the market and react quickly as a market leader.

Automated Communication and Case Management

One of the most common benefits people look for in a Dynamics solution is automation and workflows for communication and management. Although seemingly simple, notifying the right users and contacts across multiple channels in a timely and coordinated manner can be an immensely time consuming task, with a large margin for human error. With Dynamics 365, any case that affects a user or contact can immediately notify them through their preferred contact settings, using workflows to automatically tweet, text, email or post information to them. These kind of built in efficiencies can save organisations lots of time and money.

Security As Standard.

Dynamics 365 ensures that users can only see what they are given access to and sensitive information cannot be sent externally. This hugely reduces the chance of any breach in customer information. By identifying every user and defining how Dynamics grants them access to their information through integrations into Office 365 and customer portals, then the sensitive information that give your organisation the edge is kept secure and accessible only to those who need it. This also enables organisations to make a single investment into Dynamics 365 and use a common data set which have varying levels of access depending on job function and role.

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