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Are you a Teams user?  Would you like to perform natural language query over Teams users and discover your organisation?  The solution is to use Who bot, a prebuilt Teams bot.


Installing the Who bot

To install, open the Teams desktop client and click on the ellipsis (the three horizontal dots 😊) under the files icon (or find it in the Teams Store – Search all apps for “Who”).  Click on the ellipsis to the right of the Who icon and click “Install”.  No administrator access is required.

You then need to give the bot permission to allow the application to perform searches on your behalf.  Click on “Allow”.

Once that is done, you can start to use the Who bot.

Using the Who bot

These are the types of questions you can ask the bot using natural language search in the “Conversation” tab.  For example;

  • Who is …
  • Who knows about …
  • Who works with …
  • Who reports to …
  • Who is the manager of …
  • Who has the same manager as …
  • Who have I emailed about …
  • Who was in the meeting about …

You can pin a frequently used query to a new tab at the top of the bot, to save retyping the same query.

You can also use Who to display an organisation chart showing were you fit into your organisation.  Click on “Your Org” tab at the top of the bot and an organisation chart is generated.  The “Forthcoming Meetings“ tab is also useful to see who you are meeting with in the next 7 days, what the meetings are about and what roles the people have that you are meeting with.

Powerful stuff I am sure you will agree, and it has tremendous value to people who are new in your organisation.

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