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This month we have so much content and extremely insightful statistics to share with you regarding digital transformation. Digital transformation is such a heavily used buzz word and has been throughout 2017 so far. risual understand that it can be quite difficult to understand exactly what it means to you and your business – throughout the month of September we will be focussing on digital transformation in huge detail.

What does digital transformation mean to you and your business? Digital transformation is to reimagine your organisational processes, culture and strategy as if today’s technology existed before the organisation did. Digital transformation is to focus on reinventing your organisation and its departments to fundamentally change what services it may offer, how these are delivered and how it engages with both internal and external stakeholders.

Transforming your organisation can deliver a wide range of benefits, including opening new revenue streams, exploiting current ones and increasing consumer satisfaction. For public sector organisations, this can provide better standards of living, increasing citizen welfare and satisfaction, safeguarding, promoting regional and national collaboration and much more.

Bain Experience estimated in a report that approximately 50% of executive investment is now focused on using IT to build new business capabilities, the 50% who are failing to invest in innovation will quickly be outmatched in the services they offer customers, and quickly lose market share.

Leading companies do not view their “digital strategy” as a different entity to their traditional “corporate strategy”. They place their digital strategy at the forefront of strategic planning across almost all key functions of their business. It is estimated that half of all UK GDP will be generated from digital sources within the next decade.

Migrating your services to cloud service providers is the first step towards true digital integration, however this should serve as the enabler, with the value add coming from the development and delivery of a comprehensive digital strategy, ingrained into the core business/corporate strategy.

The IT industry is an ever-changing world and we want to take September to focus solely on digital transformation and keeping your organisation at the forefront of its sector or industry. Digital disruption is a key agenda at the moment, with huge changes and innovations shaking up perceptions and expectations of IT globally. risual can support you and your company with your digital aspirations, covering both the pre-requisite enablement and full transformation of your Enterprise IT function.

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