Tablix body must contain at least one column

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Working in BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio) creating reports, all of the data you want to use is grouped (Parent-Child..n) and you’ve got two issues remaining:

– Cannot delete the last row, leading to the error: Tablix body must contain at least one column
– The grouped columns have a massive amount of white space in terms of height, causing the report to span over 20 pages instead of 3. (Caused by the ‘Details’ grouping)


1. Right click the last column, ‘Column Visibility’, ‘Hide’
2: On the ‘Row Groups’ or ‘Column Groups’, right click the ‘Details’ grouping and press delete, but only delete the grouping, not the associated rows and just delete the data in the last column.

This will now only show the grouped data in, and remove all of the horizontal whitespace. Ending up with a nice little chart over the expected amount of space, not over a further dozen pages.



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