Using technology to improve public-sector services for those who need it most. The suite focuses on child and vulnerable adult safeguarding, raising concerns in the health sector and social care management system solutions.

Solutions for critical public sector services

nimos applications are specifically built to aid public-sector service issues and offer direct and measurable benefits to various organisations such as the NHS, Safeguarding Boards and social services. Each solution ensures intelligence, concerns or data is handled digitally and securely to enable the efficient and consistent delivery of interventions and services.

nimos Safeguarding

The nimos Safeguarding solution enables users across multiple organisations including the public, commercial and voluntary sector to raise concerns regarding child or vulnerable adult safety and wellbeing.

The concerns raised are then triaged and actioned by the appropriate professional bodies such as the Police or Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASHs), enabling the recipients to acquire greater ‘soft intelligence’ which often otherwise goes unreported. This digital-first approach to the issue enables professionals to make decisions and take action quicker, speeding up the prevention of harm or abuse to vulnerable people.

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Mobile app launched to tackle child sexual exploitation from Sheffield Live on Vimeo.

nimos Social Care Manager

nimos Social Care Manager is a case management solution which enables mobile working, real time dashboards and automation of administration.

Any social service organisation that typically relies on paper-based reporting and office work can benefit from the Social Care Manager solution to empower your staff on home visits to know they are accessing and updating information in real time.

The digital-first approach saves time and money for organisations by cutting the time required in the office, as well as ensures a much more efficient, measurable and timely approach to social care.

nimos Guardian Manager

“No service can be effective without listening to and acting on the concerns raised by its staff” – Sir Robert Francis QC

Guardian Manager tackles the issue of ‘whistleblowing’ and reporting concerns regarding safety or care quality within the NHS and other first line care organisations. The solution enables internal staff or members of the public to raise concerns securely and anonymously through a mobile application. Once these concerns are submitted the solution acts as a case management portal where the appropriate guardian manager can action and investigate concerns.

nimos Guardian Manager encourages care and the culture of openness and transparency where raising concerns is a normal and accepted action for staff. Guardian Manager helps identify issues about safety, quality and effectiveness of the organisational service and provides operational and strategic learning at a local, regional and national level.

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