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What to expect on the day

After the success of the risual: NXT event in January 2019 we are super excited to announce that we are bringing back risual: NXT  on Tuesday 25th June 2019 – make sure you secure the date in your calendar!

We told you that this is the biggest event risual have ever held to date and we promise for you to leave with an abundance of knowledge and insights. Here are a few things we have planned for you to take part in on the day.

You are invited to pick from a host of track sessions all ranging from tech to industry and to leadership – all very exciting topics, we know, so don’t worry – you can mix and match as you please. We will share more information regarding the track sessions in the near future, make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

The event is set to sell out and we have limited seats available, so register your interest today!




Curious about what elements risual use to create effective transformations for an organisation? What products, applications, and partners go into innovative solutions from risual? Find out more by signing up for sessions in the ‘What’ Track!

How do risual design and implement digital, cloud, and business transformations? How do we utilise the latest technology and best adoption techniques to creat change for your organisation? Find out by signing up for sessions listed as part of our ‘How’ Track!

Why transformation? Why now? Why risual? Listen to stories from risual customers about why the chose risual and how we have helped their organisations. Let them take you through the journeys that these companies went through with risual and learn why we were the right choice for them. Find out more by signing up for the sessions from our ‘Why’ Track!


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