Professional Services

Professional Services is generic term to cover a lot of occupations in a lot of industries in the UK. Professional Services organisations provide support and advice to other businesses across many sectors and compete to ensure that they are differentiated in their chosen field of service. Professional Services generally accelerate business maturity, growth and productivity and therefore play an important part in the UK business economy, PWC highlight the following statistics “Professional services are critical to the success of the UK economy, representing 15% of UK GDP, 14% of employment and 14% of exports.”

risual have helped Professional Services organisations in the legal, facilities management and construction industries to digitally transform. As a professional services company in our own right, we are experts at helping organisations put their “customer” at the centre of all that they do and find new and innovative ways to deliver services to these customers. Technology must also serve to empower key resources to be informed, productive and better able to meet client demands.

Sector Challenges

Customer engagement and customer experience
Cyber crime and protection of data
Regulation across all practices and services
Remaining competitive in a globalised service market
Customer and service line reporting
Empowering field service staff
Safeguarding field service workers
Maintaining brand, quality and credibility
Paperless working
Collaborative partnerships and with other professional services entities

risual in Professional Services

At risual we believe that positive digital transformation and change in Professional Services organisations comes from three transformational pillars. The ability to enhance infrastructure operations and processes. Empowerment of the all staff be it back office or customer facing to be informed and productive in their duties. Also, the ability to have increased engagement and interaction customers who they serve as well with key collaborative partners utilised in the service delivery.

Empowered Professional Field Workers

Empowering the workforce with a computing strategy that allows field service workers to have an optimised engagement with their customers or partners. This solution provides a framework for optimised computing for Professional Services companies. End User Computing will determine user profiles and needs for computing access, from identity for security and applications to needs of flexible mobile computing in the office or onsite with customers and service partners.

Cloud ready datacentre

Helping organisations to optimise cloud based services to enhance current infrastructure workloads, storage, archiving and back up needs, taking into consideration compliance governance and legal requirements for archiving data.

Predictive service insights

As a professional services organisation risual can offer a very clear view of how extensive use of data and business intelligence is offering greater insight and driving business performance in our own business as well as others.

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Case Management and Customer Applications Requests

As a professional services organisation risual use Dynamics 365 across the business to help drive efficiencies in workflow and processes. We can help customers to optimise customer and partner requested applications like client requests, due diligence and associated contact management

Digital Skills

Across UK businesses there is a need to accelerate digital skills and competencies – Digital Transformation for the most part requires digital skills to be successful and Digital Skills will dictate and maintain Digital Transformation. For instance, in the legal sector, for the first time in the nation’s history, four generations are working side by side in the workplace:  Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. Four generations working together in the same work environment present new workforce dynamics and therefore a real need to ensure consistent digital skills across the organisation. People and Skills are one of the five foundations aligning to a vision for a transformed economy according to the BEIS white paper.

We can help ensure that all staff have the skills to make the most of the technology provided to them. risual also recommend the quick acquisition of digital talent through IT Apprenticeships in the work force.


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