An end user services transformation project


risual were engaged to deliver a comprehensive Windows 10 and Office 365 project to support a non-ministerial government organisation as they moved away from fixed, inflexible on-premises services. Existing services lacked the capability needed for an organisation facing increasing regulatory investigations, limiting staff from being able to work in collaboration on some of the largest [...]

Windows 10 – Case Notes


Windows 10 - Case Notes A utilities company had been using Windows 7 and began to migrate some of their systems to Windows 8.1. This included a proposed rollout of 3,000 laptops. However, during this process, the company then decided it would be best to deploy Windows 10 instead, due to its stability and positive [...]

Essex CC – EUC


The problem Having brought IT service delivery in-house 2 years ago, and with limited previous investment and a deteriorating performance, ECC had an outdated IT infrastructure, an IT function that reflected traditional, in-house models of service delivery, and an unsustainable per-head ICT cost. The Council’s IT infrastructure was no longer achieving their strategy of providing [...]

Gallowglass – Premium Support


The problem The Gallowglass Group has led the way in the development of professional recognised standards in the events and entertainment industries, since its launch 17 years ago. The business has expanded to encompass five companies, transforming the way that large events are managed. Following the delivery of their new IT infrastructure, Windows Server 2012, [...]

Lancashire Constabulary – Virtualisation


The problem The need to segregate the restricted from the confidential networks—the latter being the highest level of confidentiality—is important to ensure business continuity, and the force had been given estimates running into millions of pounds from third-party vendors. The benefits Lancashire Constabulary is confident of achieving its principal aim of ensuring segregation of its [...]