Ofsted improves collaboration with Intranet Evolution


The Challenge  Over 50% of Ofsted’s workforce is home based and spend up to four days per week away from their desks on inspection. As a result, Ofsted’s ability to communicate and engage with this significant part of their workforce was greatly reduced. Employee interaction with Ofsted’s intranet also suffered because their previous site was [...]

Case Notes – Intranet Accelerator


A Metropolitan Borough Council commissioned risual to configure and deploy risual’s Intranet Accelerator solution. During a design workshop preceding the deployment, risual’s consultant discussed the available configuration options with a group of stakeholders and explained how the solution can be tailored to meet the council’s needs. Following the configuration workshop, the solution was deployed, tested [...]

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service – SharePoint


The journey to an optimised SharePoint website Overview Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) provide comprehensive safety services that cover the city and county of Nottingham. NFRS work to keep residents, visitors and businesses safe from fire and other dangers. Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service staff recognised that their current website failed to meet users’ [...]

North Wales Police – SharePoint


the problem Filling in paperwork is a necessary part of the police service’s role but can inevitably be time consuming. North Wales police were looking to improve on one of their manual information capture procedures for registering gifts and hospitality received and also collating employee business interests outside of their police roles, which were time [...]

Muir Group – SharePoint


The problem With over 170 employees they were looking to provide flexible working solutions through mobile access to an intranet which would become the main communication tool, provide a critical audit trail, specifically with data protection requirements in mind, and enable them to meet their business strategy of delivering a more responsive, more effective and [...]