Marston’s take on a journey to improve accuracy and forecasting with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning


The problem Marston’s currently have over 1100 managed pubs placed up and down the UK. Working in the retail industry can be very competitive with a constant high demand for something new, something bigger and something better. For Marston’s to remain competitive it’s really important to control costs and one of the biggest costs is [...]

Paul Smith – Virtualisation


The problem Paul Smith was unable to virtualize applications that were based on Microsoft SQL Server data management software and certain important line-of business applications, such as Cognos, the company’s business intelligence solution, because of their criticality and performance requirements. “We had to keep some applications running in a physical environment because Hyper-V in Windows [...]

apetito – Bespoke Application Development


The Problem As a leading provider of frozen meals to hospitals, care homes and local authorities, apetito know the value of good nutrition more than anyone. They’re committed to providing a wide range of delicious, appealing and nutritionally balanced meals therefore they must ensure their customers continue to receive the high quality they are [...]