Case Notes – Office 365 (Business Analyst)


Case Notes - Office 365 (with risual's Business Analyst) A territorial police force are looking to make the move to Office 365 across the force, to enable collaboration and stronger communication. The Police Force have issues with growing storage costs due to extensive file shares and emails. Systems and storage is managed by a third-party [...]

Case Notes – Power BI


Case Notes - Performance Management Framework (Power BI) risual are working with a UK Fire and Rescue Service on a performance management framework and approach. Performance management is a key tool for delivering better outcomes to users and senior leadership. It’s about acting in response to actual performance, to make improvements within the organisation and to [...]

Case Notes – Skype PBX.Anywhere365


Case Notes - Skype PBX.Anywhere365 A large UK housing organisation are migrating from their legacy PBX platform to Skype for Business with Enterprise Voice as part of a project currently be carried out in conjunction with risual. The legacy PBX provides a contact centre function for the housing organisation to handle and report on calls [...]

Case Notes – End User Computing


Case Notes - End User Computing risual are delivering a digital transformation project for a non-ministerial government department in the UK. It’s being put in place to allow more secure, flexible working with portable devices, as opposed to the current thin client environment. The ultimate objective will be to allow secure access to their data [...]

Case Notes – Business reporting and intelligence


Case Notes – Business reporting and intelligence risual worked with a large insurance company, who outlined their challenges with business reporting and intelligence within a number of business units. The areas for immediate concern were: The simplified presentation of business intelligence, currently delivered on mobile devices as PDF files. Overhead on the performance team to [...]

Case Notes – Intranet Accelerator


A Metropolitan Borough Council commissioned risual to configure and deploy risual’s Intranet Accelerator solution. During a design workshop preceding the deployment, risual’s consultant discussed the available configuration options with a group of stakeholders and explained how the solution can be tailored to meet the council’s needs. Following the configuration workshop, the solution was deployed, tested [...]

Case Notes – Local Government Transformation


Three UK local government agencies agreed to an organisational change that will align their information services and ultimately move them to a single, shared digital service. The aim of the project is to reduce the cost of providing IT services through operational efficiencies, economies of scale and reduction in development costs. The initial solution approach [...]

Case Notes – Global E5 Transformation


Case Notes – E5 Global Transformation   Project overview Towards the end of 2015, a Support Services company projected that their year sales would likely fall and operating profit would be well below previous expectations. This sparked a new approach and a new transformation programme to revitalise their presence in the market place. The Support Services’ [...]

Case Notes – Operational Intelligence


Case Notes - Operational Intelligence risual worked alongside a large Fire and Rescue Service who were struggling with an aging fragmented system, which provided intelligence to their fire fighters when they are responding to an incident. The Fire Service had the requirement to modernise and replace the existing system which was locked into their appliances [...]

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