Crystal Martin improve collaboration with Microsoft Office 365


The Challenge Crystal Martin was originally aware of the challenges it was facing and decided to pull together a few main points, so they can begin transforming the organisation to achieve its goals. Crystal Martin shortlisted to four main challenges: 1. Airfreight Authorisation 2. Lab Dye Trackers 3. Global Videos 4. Order Book Summary   [...]

An end user services transformation project


risual were engaged to deliver a comprehensive Windows 10 and Office 365 project to support a non-ministerial government organisation as they moved away from fixed, inflexible on-premises services. Existing services lacked the capability needed for an organisation facing increasing regulatory investigations, limiting staff from being able to work in collaboration on some of the largest [...]

risual support two UK Police Forces to save costs with Microsoft Office 365


risual engaged with the UK Police Force to assist in the implementation of a shared Exchange Online environment, in order to provide calendar and contact sharing between the two forces and reduce the infrastructure required by the forces to provide their messaging service. One of the Police forces currently operate an Exchange infrastructure running Exchange [...]

OCS improve collaboration and save costs with Microsoft Office 365


OCS improve collaboration and save costs with Microsoft Office 365 The challenge OCS were working on an eight-year-old on-premises exchange environment which was not well-managed neither was it kept up to date – causing many problems for the organisation, including low performance issues across all platforms. Due to the aging and outdated environment it was [...]

A Facilities Management Company improve collaboration through Application Development


A facilities management company were searching for a solution in which enabled them to work closer with its partners and integrate systems to provide a more efficient and smoother service to its customers. The organisation were working closely with a Public Sector organisation across two completely separate CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) platforms. The company [...]

Ofsted improves collaboration with Intranet Evolution


The Challenge  Over 50% of Ofsted’s workforce is home based and spend up to four days per week away from their desks on inspection. As a result, Ofsted’s ability to communicate and engage with this significant part of their workforce was greatly reduced. Employee interaction with Ofsted’s intranet also suffered because their previous site was [...]

King’s College London and risual Education – Case Study


King’s College London recruited their first IT apprentices in London this year, a project which saw eight level 3 apprentices working on the IT TechBars, which provide on-campus support for IT issues. The apprentices were recruited with the aim of providing King’s staff and students with a friendly, face-to-face service, resolving and referring IT issues. [...]

Case Note – Dynamics 365 Transformation


Case Note - Dynamics 365 Transformation risual assisted a UK City Council to replace their Taxi Licencing application forms with a bespoke solution to be held within Dynamics CRM. Replacing the Taxi Licencing forms was a small part of a bigger picture whereby Dynamics CRM will change the whole of the incumbent CRM solution used [...]

Utilising Dynamics 365


risual have been working with an independent housing company on an exciting new project. The engagements will consist of several long-term projects on solution and business transformation. They currently have sector specific CRM systems, all of which look after an individual sector (Social Housing, Sheltered Housing, Alerts and response, spreadsheets by department, etc.). These systems [...]

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