Project Description

NFRS had an old PABX system in place at their HQ using out of date technology; in addition to this the 24 individual station sites were all using their own PABX systems with individual ISDN lines. This resulted in a very complex telephony environment with high running costs as every call made was an external one.


The partnership between risual and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has already seen immediate results from this project. Gavin stated, “You’re already seeing people making an effort to use it, you can see people getting to grips with presence. People can be walking a quarter of a mile plus to speak to someone only to find they’re not there. Presence will really help to see where people are available and make the best use of their time”.

In addition to this, the organisation will see a huge reduction in costs thanks to the deployment of a network wide voice over IP system, which will “save thousands and thousands of pounds in call costs.”