Project Description

the problem

Filling in paperwork is a necessary part of the police service’s role but can inevitably be time consuming. North Wales police were looking to improve on one of their manual information capture procedures for registering gifts and hospitality received and also collating employee business interests outside of their police roles, which were time consuming, required multi stage sequential feedback and made it difficult to track the stages of the process. Furthermore, the form was complex, requiring different types of information depending on the type of business the employee was involved in. North Wales Police wanted to reduce the level of administrational involvement, enabling a more “self-service” approach for its employees and to reduce the manual handling element, which was proving inefficient and ineffective.


  • Implementing the above solution has enabled North Wales Police to use a more streamlined way of gathering and processing officers’ business interests.
  • North Wales Police have streamlined their process. Being able to capture and process business information in a more streamlined way has saved time and valuable resource.
  • Improved visibility utilising existing technology adapted by risual. By utilising the existing Microsoft SharePoint solution with its inherent functionality, North Wales Police have a more holistic view of all the forms which are being processed as well as being able to store them in a central location, making access to the information simpler
  • Improved efficiency through form intelligence. The new solution only asks for information that is relevant to that particular officer and so is more efficient and less time consuming for officers to complete, enabling them to spend their time more effectively delivering visible community policing.