Project Description

The problem
With over 170 employees they were looking to provide flexible working solutions through mobile access to an intranet which would become the main communication tool, provide a critical audit trail, specifically with data protection requirements in mind, and enable them to meet their business strategy of delivering a more responsive, more effective and a better service to their tenants. In addition, they were looking to provide their key strategic partners with a secure platform from which to access specific approved information. They needed a system which stabilised their existing platform and developed into a leading edge intranet and extranet, but also gave them operational resilience and back-up functionality to deliver crucial disaster recovery capability.

The solution
When Muir Group decided to implement the project, they were looking for a supplier who were able to demonstrate excellent project management capabilities and commence work immediately due to the time critical nature of the implementation. Muir Housing spoke to their contacts within the housing association network and risual were appointed as a result of recommendations from other IT departments within the industry.

The benefits
Staffordshire can now enter more shared services partnerships and can accurately bill for underlying services. New server provisioning now takes seconds and only five to 10 minutes to be fully on the domain, with no disruption to the organisation. A few other benefits that Muir Group received after implementing this solution:

• Improvement on communication

• Improvement on flexibility

• Improvement on partner communication

• Audit control

• Business continuity

• Improve end-user productivity