Project Description

The problem

With the advent of a new global head office in Bristol, Imperial Tobacco were aware of the need to update their existing infrastructure to assist their employees in better and more efficient communication. The legacy system, which was a Siemens Realitis PBX, had limited functionality and was recognised as no longer meeting the business’ requirements.
The old analogue phones were unable to assist employees in simple needs, such as Caller ID and directory services and were becoming untenable as a business solution. It was also becoming difficult to support within for the IT team, and any “down time” had a direct impact on the business. The decision was taken to upgrade the systems to a leading edge solution, which would not only improve communication, but would offer the IT organisation better management information and enable a more proactive management of the system.


The benefits

Imperial Tobacco has already identified a number of benefits from using risual’s support, and expect there to be further positive impacts in the coming months.

• Improved efficiency. The new system far out-delivers the legacy PBX, offering not only Caller ID and directory services, but other features such as Instant Messaging, which the IT Team actually use to contact risual for support.

• Increased knowledge. The remote access service, daily, weekly and monthly monitoring has enabled not only a healthier system, but has provided the analysis and management information to identify improved efficiency, potential areas for further improvement and preventative measures.

• 24×7 Support. In an environment which has changed from 8am6pm to round-the-clock support, risual is able to deliver, no matter when. Response Times.