Project Description

The problem

The Gallowglass Group has led the way in the development of professional recognised standards in the events and entertainment industries, since its launch 17 years ago. The business has expanded to encompass five companies, transforming the way that large events are managed. Following the delivery of their new IT infrastructure, Windows Server 2012, coupled with the Microsoft System Center Suite (VMM 2012 SP1), Gallowglass recognised that their small IT team would benefit from the ongoing support of the experience and knowledge that risual had already demonstrated within the implementation programme. Although the Gallowglass IT team was familiar with the legacy systems, the new infrastructure needed additional support not just for troubleshooting and user maintenance, but on a more proactive basis.

The benefits

In the six months following the start of the Premium Support Agreement, Gallowglass seen the following:

• Value for Money. Gallowglass have a reactive and proactive support solution without having to incur costs to recruit in-house expertise.

• Improved efficiency. The proactive nature of the solution has meant less “downtime” and disruption from the new infrastructure. It has also enabled the internal IT resource to bounce ideas off subject matter experts.

• Increased knowledge. Proactive monitoring has enabled support response and alerting. The analysis and management information enables them to identify improved efficiencies, potential areas for further improvement and preventative measures.