Project Description

The problem

Having brought IT service delivery in-house 2 years ago, and with limited previous investment and a deteriorating performance, ECC had an outdated IT infrastructure, an IT function that reflected traditional, in-house models of service delivery, and an unsustainable per-head ICT cost. The Council’s IT infrastructure was no longer achieving their strategy of providing an efficient IT environment particularly as they are currently undergoing a nationally pathfinding, radical transformation into a commissioning organisation. This meant that any ICT modernisation needed to be conceived and delivered against the background of a rapidly shifting business model, in which emerging, autonomous delivery units were empowered to commission their own ICT if needed.

The benefits

Essex County Council have already reaped the benefits of the solution that Risual recommended and implemented.

• As a result of the deployment of Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Lync, Essex County Council have made cost savings of £720 per user, a reduction of 50%, which is inline with the council’s goal of reducing overall IT expenditure by £32million in the next five years.

• Along with direct cost savings, as a result of improved efficiency, the council have been able reduce staffing levels by nearly 20% and this is expected to result in an initial expenditure reduction of £1.6m, rising to £3.5m and £7m in subsequent years.

• The new Microsoft Enterprise Agreement will also result in significant OPEX savings of over £1.5m, with a drop in communications costs of 17% to £503 per user across 18,000 telephones and a further £200,000 saving on redundant thirdparty licensing.

• Through Microsoft Lync, users are now able to share documents, access council directories, be fully auditable and engage more effectively and at an improved quality level with citizens.

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