Project Description

The problem

City & Guilds, a global leader in skills education, is transforming communication and collaboration for its 1000 employees worldwide. In order to achieve this, it makes full use of the interoperability and flexibility of Microsoft technologies, federated with Office 365. At the same time, back-office functions are streamlined and brought up to date, again with Microsoft products playing a prominent role.


The benefits

Ian Turfrey, Director of IT at City & Guilds, is particularly looking forward to developing the relationship with Microsoft and creating what he describes as a “close working relationship at strategic level”. Ian said: “That’s exciting for us, I can’t develop all of this myself, and by aligning with Microsoft we can realise our future ambitions more easily and cost effectively. It’s clear there are significant plans in the pipeline, to which we will be able to return as they develop.”

Some of the benefits include:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Increased collaboration, communication and team building
  • Back-office flexibility
  • Increased partner involvement