Project Description

Case Notes – nimos Safeguarding

As has been seen in the news, abuse of children and vulnerable adults has been happening and there has been a lack of a simple way to capture concerns from citizens locally. As such there was a requirement for local authorities to enable a group of citizens known as “trusted Others” such as door staff, taxi drivers and other evening workers to have the ability to record any suspicious activity related to children or vulnerable adults quickly and efficiently.

We’ve been working with Police forces, Local Regional Government and Safeguarding Children boards, on a solution that we designed using a Dynamics 365 integrated phone app, that will allow approved contacts to raise concerns via a mobile app. The app allows photos to be uploaded, GPS Locations to be added and criteria to be defined against the concern. The app then takes the data and creates a case in Dynamics365. Through a series of workflows certain users of the system are notified via email, the case is added into a queue and is then triaged by the local authority.

The data that is collated is also analysed and displayed in PowerBI and Dynamics 365 dashboards that gives local authorities the ability to analyse the data and trends and find connections or anomalies in recorded cases. The system also allows for local authorities to notify individuals or groups of people / businesses about missing children or certain situations that they may be able to keep a look out for.

The solution has been rolled out to 3 local authorities and the intention is connecting the local authorities together to allow for high level data sharing.

This was configured, built, designed and documented by a mix of qualified and experienced Dynamics CRM consultants and a Development team with apps working on Windows, Android and Apple operating systems.