Project Description

Change of Business Needs

As one of the UK’s leading Law Firms, Bond Dickinson needed constant access to their critical IT systems to maintain high levels of service to both clients and internal customers. As the company’s environment continues to grow, a need for a swift resolution to any IT issues was identified as key to ensuring they were responsive to client and internal needs. Bond Dickinson have a highly skilled, dedicated IT team, they recognised that they would benefit from trusted partner risual to work alongside them to provide a scalable Managed Service.

Due to the nature of their business, Bond Dickinson need to ensure the constant availability of critical applications. risual provide the highest level of expertise, available when needed at crucial times. risual and Bond Dickinson have a “open and honest long standing relationship, built on excellent engagements, delivered through their technical consulting team” as described by Andrew White, IT Infrastructure Manager. This meant risual were already aware of the business requirements and existing technology deployments. Years of working together in this manner mean Bond Dickinson trust risual as a strategic partner to support and maintain their complex IT systems.

Bespoke Managed Services Services Partnership

Due to the nature of the business and demands on their own internal IT team, risual and Bond Dickinson were able to create a bespoke service which delivered precisely what Bond Dickinson required. Based on a flexible contract, this allows Bond Dickinson to call on risual as and when they require additional services – along with 24×7 proactive monitoring of systems.
This unique agreement means that Bond Dickinson are not tied into a long term costly contract which defines the exact scope of work, instead the flexibility of the contract allows Bond Dickinson to get the maximum value from their agreement. As stated by Andy White of Bond Dickinson “it’s the assurance that we have an external level of support that we can escalate to as and when we need it.”
The managed services team within risual monitor Bond Dickinson’s systems, allowing them to proactively provide additional support when required, identify any problems or issues within the monitored environment and have a solution ready to implement when needed


As a result of the managed services agreement between Bond Dickinson and risual, they have seen the following-

Bond Dickinson’s own IT team are not stretched or under resourced, they can also focus on more strategic projects due to the knowledge they have additional strength in depth when required

Support the reduction in the operational cost of IT by providing business as usual tasks as a service

Peace of mind- with risual’s flexible service agreement, we are able to provide a quick fix on any issues, regardless of the severity or technology involved – meaning improved response, flexibility and agility focused on providing value to the customer.

A strong strategic relationship, capable of providing hands on project support within a defined scope