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DevOps, easily one of the most popular tech terms from the last few years a simple amalgamation of ‘development’ and ‘operations’. It represents a fundamental way of working within the tech industry that helps improve the way we develop and support applications that are critical to business success. Building on what makes DevOps such an excellent concept, let’s look at how automation allows businesses and developers the ability to streamline these processes; helping reduce time from development to production making the process of getting the latest builds to market a more efficient procedure.

With the ever-advancing AI offerings being provided by the leaders of the industry we can now look at how it might fit into the existing DevOps process. Can AI help us find anomalies in our products, aid in remediation of bugs and errors, and even tell us what patterns can be discerned from data that the DevOps process already inherently generates to help us identify areas of concern. Let’s also look at some of the wider industry uses of natural language understanding that seem to be trending right now, how can that fit into existing business models and processes and potentially help alleviate existing costs in certain sectors.


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