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In the last 12 years risual has always had a connection with the sector that Microsoft refer to as Public Safety and National Security(PSNS), over this time risual has provided services to many Police, Fire and Rescue services and some defence organisations. In dealing with Police organisations risual has adopted a policy of having all employees Security Cleared and NPPV cleared through Warwickshire Police. SC Clearance for our consulting teams means that risual are in a great position to serve our Police customers. Both Police and Fire services deal with a growing range of issues across the community, the use of technology to enhance and broaden the services provided is critical. risual has been awarded global finalist for Public Safety National Security Partner, showing our expertise in this industry. With risual, technology can help these organisations work in modern ways to deliver a safer more efficient society, through innovative applications, cloud computing and a mobile first approach.

Sector Challenges

Financial pressures

Due to sustained financial challenges forces are actively looking to combine services and share cost. Centralised ICT Services are being appointed in regions where economies of scale dictate that one force can support another.

Collaborative working

Service collaboration and information sharing across many public private and charitable entities is necessary to serve and protect. Working across country or county and sharing information across services such as Local Regional Government, Social Services, Local Child Safeguarding Boards, and Crime services.

Citizen Outreach

Forces must be efficient and proactively strive to have a strategy to be more preventative in nature. Citizen outreach services must be readily available alongside different channels to offer supportive services including social interaction.

Data into Intelligence

Increase the use of available data and turning it into intelligence to determine where services are most needed. This includes utilising predictive analytics as well as analysing social sentiment. Delivering this information to the point of service is equally important along with cost efficient storage and retrieval of this increased data usage.

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is an evolving threat and forces must be able to protect themselves and others from technology based theft and disruption.

Digital Skills

A report from her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) in 2016 claimed Police Forces do not have the necessary capability to exploit digital transformation.

risual Services

Emergency services are being driven to change due to a variety of these reasons. Forces must show clear efficiency gains in the services that they deliver but also the flexibility to adjust these services to cater for change. There is also a need for greater degrees of collaborative working with cross boundary forces, community led organisations as well as directly with the public that is also demanding new digital communication channels.

“At risual we believe that positive digital transformation and change for Police Fire and Rescue services comes from three transformational pillars. The ability to enhance a force’s infrastructure operations and processes, empowerment of the force’s frontline and back office workforce to be informed and productive in their duties and the ability to have increased engagement and interaction with key collaborative partners as well as the public who they protect and serve.

Cloud infrastructure for Policing

risual has been working with many Police forces to examine the benefits of Microsoft Azure as a platform for infrastructure and innovation. For example, the clear benefits of storing evidential body warn video data in the cloud and utilising the ability to share this data with other entities such as magistrate courts.

risual can help Public Safety National Security organisations to optimise cloud services to enhance current infrastructure workloads, storage, archiving and back up needs, taking into consideration compliance governance and legal requirements for archiving data.

Collaborative Policing

risual have recently moved a police customer to an online productivity service. This is one of the first forces in the UK to move to Office 365, so this puts risual in a very unique position. At the heart of this work is the ability for the force to collaborate with other partner organisations, primarily another nearby police force.

Operational Insights

Accurate information at the point of first responder in an incident is critical to saving lives, risual has worked with a prominent fire and rescue service to build out a cloud ready operational Intelligence application to deliver response critical information to the response vehicle in real time.

Social media policing

Working with Microsoft, risual has built out a demonstrator that helps Polices forces to understand the power of using social media for increased efficiencies of interaction with citizens and to open greater flexibility in citizen reporting and sentiment. Using Twitter as a platform for reporting needs and Dynamics 365 to help name and action assistance.

Digital Skills

In the report Bobbies on the net: a police workforce for the digital age, by Reform they state that “All officers and police staff should have the rudimentary skills to use operational technology and should be aware of emerging digital trends”

At risual, we offer training services to end users and technical staff alike. We can help ensure that all staff have the skills to make the most of the technology provided to them. risual also recommend the quick acquisition of digital talent through IT Apprenticeships in the police force.


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