What is an apprenticeship?

risual education was formed to help address the digital shortage through collaboration with Microsoft and our industry expertise to create a centre of excellence for IT in each LEP area in England and in each Regional Learning Partnership in Wales. These centres are formed in partnership with an FE College to develop the route from education into employment.

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Tackling the Digital Skills Shortage

UK Digital Skills Taskforce published a report “Digital Skills for Tomorrow’s Worlds” which highlights that Britain faces a growing shortage of digital skills, whilst stereotypical perceptions of technology careers prevent many students from continuing into the digital industries. Estimates from the Science Council suggest that the ICT workforce will grow 39% by 2030. The current shortage of skills with in the IT and Digital Sector is well documented and the apprenticeships we are delivering are key in reducing the skills deficit and supporting the UK Industrial Strategy.

risual education bridges the gap between Industry and Education by enhancing the skills of lecturers, producing a collaborative delivery model for apprenticeships to form a direct route for full time learners into apprenticeships within the local region. This delivery is complemented by our comprehensive online and commercial offer.

risual Academies

Our risual Microsoft Academies give learners and our apprentices access to the latest Microsoft technology and software. Most importantly we then empower teachers and learners to use the technology effectively to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. This curriculum and pedagogical support is crucial to ensuring that we are supporting Colleges to provide learners with the best digital literacy training.

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risual Apprenticeships

risual education first and foremost deliver an apprenticeship scheme with substantial training, the development of transferable skills and real long term career prospects. By working with risual education and our partner colleges to hire apprentices, employers will grow their own talent by developing a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce, from level two to graduate level. We offer a way for people of all ages to earn while they learn, gaining real skills, Microsoft relevant qualifications, knowledge and a real future.

risual education apprenticeships are designed to support employers to improve the skills within their workforce and reduce the impact on their business from the growing shortage of digital skills. Working in partnership with Microsoft, risual Apprenticeships give learners the opportunity to achieve industry recognised Microsoft qualifications supported by outstanding, industry qualified assessors and Microsoft Certified Trainers. The key priority of the risual Apprenticeship scheme is to support the IT Industry with skills and meeting strategic priorities by creating an aspirational and innovative enterprise culture

By partnering with the college, risual education gives local employers the assurance that their apprenticeships will be delivered by an academic expert as well as an industry expert maximising the opportunity to succeed.

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Curriculum Development

risual Education will develop your curriculum to ensure that the teaching meets the needs of industry standard, with the inclusion of Microsoft vendor qualifications to make the qualification relevant. Our Microsoft Certified Educators will work with your staff to train a Certified Educator in each Subject Sector Area and support advanced staff to apply fort the Microsoft Innovative Education Expert level by the end of the three year proposal.

Additional support through our Partners at Tablet Academy will include specialist Teacher and Student Workshops, targeted specifically for your Microsoft CPD needs, focused on Microsoft products of your choice. Included in the package is access to risual’s discount on your Microsoft education products using our partners Prodigy Learning

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