Workforce Performance Increased by 25%

Data is endless in the digital age. From how much screen time you are clocking each week to facial recognition on the London Tube, it seems every application is storing data. The problem comes with how to store, manage, and improve the analysis of the data.  

Over the past decade risual has worked with numerous local and central government-bodies, helping with a wide-variety of tasks covering cloud, business and digital transformations. This transformation story shares the work we completed with a high-profile central government body and the digital journey to harnessing its data.  

What was the challenge? 

After multiple successful projects with the client in question, risual created a strong and effective partnership with the central government body.  

The client approached risual with the desire to gain insights from all sources, this included the following: 

  • SQL 
  • Databases 
  • Email 
  • Client’s website 

risual created multiple datasets to help analyse and review existing insights. The client wanted to explore and evaluate the data through the following topics: 

  • Profiling 
  • Patterns 
  • Outliers 

Whilst still looking at the multiple factors that could affect the data, such as: 

  • Time 
  • Date 
  • Geographical location 
  • Size 

It was crucial these factors were structured clearly when the data was pulled into a single location. This was to ensure that all viewers could understand and interpret the data correctly without any external sources. Access to this data needed to be given to the authorised users, and must also allow for visualisations in: 

  • Microsoft Excel 
  • Python 
  • Power BI 

risual’s Solution 

risual’s creation of the Tabular Data Models using SQL Server Analysis Services allowed for the collation and aggregation of datasets through multiple sources and data types. This included over 300 data connectors, with each dataset allowing secure access for the authorised users, utilising Row Level Security.  

Having real time data is crucial, we worked with the client to automate the data updates enabling end-users to constantly have access to the latest information without the possibility of human error.  

What benefits did the client see? 

Ensuring our clients receive the outcome they need is always a top priority here at risual. We aim for 100% satisfaction in all our engagements, and within this project we are proud to say this was achieved. The creation of the data models increased the Analysis Teams performance by over 25%, allowing them to have the latest and correct information to always work with.  

The client’s tools such as Microsoft Excel or Power BI no longer needed to import data, they now directly query the Tabular Data Models. Increased performance and a more utilised workforce were two key points that the client now enjoys as part of their usual modern workplace.  

Moving Forward 

To complete the client’s transformation journey risual will be aiding them in a Cloud Migration. Migrating the Tabular Data Model to the Cloud (Azure Analysis Services) supported by a simple lift and shift deployment. This move to Microsoft Azure will ensure the following: 

  • The Data Models will be scalable as and when the client needs them. 
  • The client will pay as they go and only pay for what they need, saving money and creating a more cost-effective data insights system.  
  • Being hosted within Microsoft Azure ensures the Data Models have seamless and secure integration with other Cloud services.  

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