A international construction and consultancy company (headquarters based in UK with over 5,000 employees) has a partnership with an Indian multinational IT consultancy company (operating across 46 countries).  

The IT consultancy company required access from India to the constructions company network in UK through a remote access solution that would provide acceptable levels of performance and reliability.  

To overcome this challenge, risual implemented Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). WVD is an Azure service providing the equivalent of a remote desktop services solution without the overhead of maintaining a supporting server infrastructure.  

Since the implementation of WVD, the IT consultancy company were able to connect to the local presence of WVD in India and access the constructions company network in the UK. Other business benefits include: 

  • Scalable and flexible environment.  
  • Secure and fast accessibility to the network.  
  • Highspeed Microsoft network.  
  • Reassured security when accessing parties’ network.  
  • Reduce of desktop management and infrastructure.  
  • Increased flexibility for end users.  

Administration of WVD is through the familiar Azure portal. Only the session hosts that users connect to need to be patched and managed, whereas gateway and brokering services are all handled by Microsoft. WVD does not need firewall ports opening inbound as all connections are initiated securely outbound from the session hosts. 

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