A multinational consumer products company, that risual has worked with for many years, was using Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) so that a 3rd party team of theirs could access one of their internal systems.


The machines had not been patched since they were deployed in August 2020, (approximately 7 months prior,) so risual worked quickly with this client to provide a new range of Windows Virtual Desktop hosts with the latest operating, and application, system updates.


The client’s Windows Virtual Desktop environment was upgraded, so that it included the latest features and security updates. This work was completed in two days, with no outages or impact to existing 3rd party connections. The procedure was to remove an existing image from the existing pool, update the image, sysprep the image, place the image in the client’s image gallery, deploy the new WVD hosts, and drain the old hosts.


Following on from the Windows Virtual Desktop upgrade, risual intends to look at the image builder, and use this to provide continual patching of the client’s existing custom images (once the image builder is out of preview). | 0300 303 2044 |

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