Windows 10 – Case Notes

A utilities company had been using Windows 7 and began to migrate some of their systems to Windows 8.1. This included a proposed rollout of 3,000 laptops. However, during this process, the company then decided it would be best to deploy Windows 10 instead, due to its stability and positive worldwide reception. This meant the company wouldn’t have to upgrade again in a couple of years.

Every company needs reassuance of quality control from a company they can trust. risual’s key values – which include integrity and agility – meant that they were a good choice for the water company and the direction that they wished to take.

The benefits

As hoped for, the utilities company were able to see clear changes to the system, providing them with a ‘clean slate’.

Some of the benefits include:

  • The deployment of Windows 10 meant that they were able to achieve big cost savings, which kept in line with their desire of maintaining a cost-effective approach.
  • The system had much easier accessibility and along with a single sign on, Windows 10 was a system staff had used on their personal devices, which in turn made the switch easier.
  • The company stated that no formal training and only minimal hours were required to train staff on how to use the new system.
  • Windows 10 proved to be a much more intuitive system for them than previous builds, with little technical support needed during its launch.
  • Rather than pushing people back, like a software overhaul can sometimes lend itself to, staff thought the system was generally much better for them to work on.

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