West Yorkshire Police adopt VORB to enhance efficiencies and digitally transform its services.

Keen to be at the leading edge of technology and driving innovation into the region, West Yorkshire Police wanted to explore the potential of using Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and the Bot Framework to drive efficiencies for operational officers.

risual worked closely with the force to develop an application known as VORB that can handle live and immediate requests for operational officers whilst out in the field through their mobile Android devices using voice and speech to text features together with natural language processing.

This is VORB

VORB, or Voice Operational Response Bot, is a hardware enabled speech to text natural language processing Bot designed to aid operational needs. risual developers built and leveraged existing Microsoft technologies to provide these services.

VORB is essentially a custom framework built on top of Microsoft’s Bot Framework that provides a body of core services as standard; such as speech to text transcription, image text recognition, and natural language processing. These are then augmented by adding in ‘scenarios’ which are custom built processes that provide additional functionality to the user and leverage the existing functionality of VORB.

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