A vehicle market leader worked with risual to identify the best options for cloud transformation. The organisation used risual’s consulting services previously and received proof of concept (POC) for Cloud Identity to have all accounts and data in the organisation. The client was ready to pursue risual’s cloud solutions.  

The organisation required a detailed plan of action to implement its cloud identity solution as the service would cover a wide range of accounts due to the considerable size of the organisation. 


risual designed a cloud identity azure solution tailored to the client’s requirements using MFA (multifactor authentication), a security technology and self-service password reset (SSPR), enabling users to change their details easily. All elements of the solution used were implemented and tested by risual’s teams of experts to ensure optimal results for the organisation. 

risual developed a detailed cloud identity solution for the organisation and ensured it is fully satisfied with the options available. The client is ready to complete the deployment of its transformation, once fully reviewed by the security team.  

The organisation can implement the changes once approved by the security and unlock their full potential using Azure’s cloud identity solutions.  

risual and the client have been working together to develop a tailored cloud transformation. The client provided consistent feedback with the NPS (net promoter score) measurement, rating risual’s services 10/10 on each occasion.     

“I have always found any engagement to be professional with the consultants being extremely knowledgably and helpful.”  

risual currently holds an NPS score of 74, which is significantly higher than the industry average (60), demonstrating a strong focus on client satisfaction.      

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