risual ensures valuable time saved through a custom Managed Services contract.

A public sector police organisation was struggling with the number of tasks they were getting each day through their ticket system. Due to COVID-19 a lot of their partners, staff and clients were raising tickets to do with the new remote-working technology, Microsoft Teams. This was causing an increase in workload across the business and was taking its toll on productivity.

Furthermore, as COVID-19 regulations and guidance changed the company had to allow flexible working for those with vulnerable people or children in their lives. Out of normal working hours assistance was clearly needed but the company was stuck with where to start.

risual Managed Services collaborated with the client to identify their key challenges:

  • No out of hours support
  • Too many tickets/increased workload
  • Lack of understand in new technologies

Now the client saves time and increases productivity through their work with our Managed Services team. We are now this police organisation’s first line for all calls, tickets and jobs that are IT-related, including 3rd party problems and non-MS technology. Our service is also 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure that the client’s partners, staff, and clients have the option to work flexibly with COVID-19 regulations changing.

Working with risual Managed Services has given the organisation key benefits:

  • Time saved as staff are no longer working to meet an increased workload
  • More time to spend productively instead of firefighting issues
  • Out of ours support there and ready at all hours and on all days
  • The backlog of issues that had begun piling up is now non-existent
  • An improved level of service as our engineers are qualified in the tech

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