risual engaged with a UK council of over 500 employees as they were in the process od adopting Power BI throughout the whole organisation. The company was struggling with licensing, adoption and training of their users so needed an experienced Microsoft partner to support them. 

We collaborate with the client to carry out multiple training days to up-skill the organisations in-house staff on how to use their technology investment. This included training in: 

  • SharePoint Online 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Microsoft Excel 
  • Azure Synapse Analytics 

Moving forward the council now see multiple benefits from the training session with risual: 

  • The key end-users now understand the technology their using 
  • Reports can now be made a lot clearer and quicker 
  • Critical organisation decisions can now be influenced by real-time insights 

Key feedback from the session included: 

“Very informative and knowledgeable.” 

“Extremely worthwhile session.” 

“Found it really useful.” 

“A very valuable day.” 

During the sessions risual identified areas and technologies the public body can improve upon so now the client and risual are working together to ensure they can improve the organisation further. 

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