A global technology and services innovator, offering various solutions such as Radio management, Antennas and Satcom was acquired by another business. As a result of being acquired, the company lost their Dynamics partner who were offering specific services to support the organisation. The client was experiencing big changes due to this process and was left vulnerable to uncertainties. 


After being acquired, the technology firm required restructuring of processes and a new Microsoft partner to operate and support their IT systems.  


risual’s services were recommended to the organisation as a quick and effective solution to replace its previous partner. After a detailed analysis of the client’s system, risual implemented an innovative approach by migrating the on-premises Dynamics environment to two new Dynamics 365 Online environments. New features and services were integrated with this new solution, such as more detailed information and insights into the data analysed. Data reports were consolidated with Power Bi, to ensure the information is more meaningful and can support strategic decision making.  


With the implementation of the new Dynamics solution, the firm can have access to secured data from the cloud and monitored by Microsoft technology. The Organisation can operate with its own clients using updated and advanced Dynamics 365 solutions. The system is user friendly and automated, enhancing their productivity and motivation. The accessibility to information is simplified and easy to reach in the cloud and the analysis of data provides more details to make more informed decisions.  

Next steps 

Dynamics 365 is an adaptive and flexible tool, for the client to benefit from. risual and the client are in close contact and further developments can be integrated for the organisation if required. 

Both organisation’s have an been working together consistently over the past year to ensure, the client is fully satisfied with risual’s services.  

risual currently holds an NPS (net promoter score) of 75, considerably higher than industry average (60) which demonstrates a strong focus on client satisfaction. 

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