With an ever-growing digital skills gap, the supply chain organisation wanted to develop its workforce. The client had an existing apprentice but wasn’t receiving the appropriate training from the previous training provider. The apprentice could not progress to the desired level and the client was losing time with a potential long-term employee.   

risual Education

The organisation knew it was critical to provide training for the apprentice and needed expert services to match the requirements.  To achieve its goals and provide the appropriate level of support and training, the client engaged with risual Education services.  risual understands the IT and digital requirements in this industry and was able to provide the right qualifications using the in-house Microsoft Certified Trainer and Assessors from risual. The apprentice was successfully transferred to our infrastructure Technician level 3 apprenticeship and had access to continuous updates and on-going support. 

The clients’ expectations were met, and the apprentice gained the appropriate level of training. The apprentice gained significant valuable soft and hard skills through the apprenticeship scheme and continues to provide valuable talent in the organistation.  

Following the successful engagement, risual and the organisation have built a strong long-term relationship to support with future challenges.   

Our experts pursue the relationship with the client and apprentice, to continue providing industry recognised training. Further reviews and updates on training are given to the client to plan and organise its workforce in advance. The client can also send other apprentices for training based on its previous experience with risual. 

risual currently holds an NPS (net promoter score) of 74, provided by client feedback. This score is significantly higher than the industry average (60), demonstrating a strong focus on client satisfaction.    

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