In an era of evolving cyber threats, ensuring the robustness of information security policies is crucial. A regulatory body dedicated to overseeing defence contracts faced the challenge of reviewing and updating their Information Technology, Information Management, and Security Policies. Seeking expert guidance, they partnered with risual. This story delves into the collaborative solution provided by risual, outlining the benefits it brought to the regulatory body and the exciting next steps in their journey towards enhanced information security.

The Challenge

Recognising the need for policy enhancements, the client sought to revise their existing Information Technology, Information Management and Security Policies. These policies needed to align with current recommended practices, fortifying their ability to counter cyber threats and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

The Collaborative Solution

To address the clients’ requirements, risual undertook a comprehensive review of the existing policies. Their team of seasoned security experts meticulously examined each policy, identifying areas in need of updates and improvements. Building upon their expertise and knowledge, risual proposed changes to the IT and Security Policies. Additionally, they drafted a comprehensive new Digital Policy, meticulously aligning it with the Government Functional Standard GovS 005. Drawing from the wisdom of the National Cyber Security Centre, risual’s own policies, and their consultants’ extensive experience, the new policy embodied best practices tailored to the regulatory body’s specific needs.

Unlocking Benefits

The collaboration between the client and risual yielded substantial benefits. By implementing the proposed changes and adopting the new policies, the client takes a significant stride towards fortifying their information security framework. The revised policies offer a proactive shield against emerging cyber threats, enabling the client to respond swiftly to evolving challenges. Furthermore, the policies provide a solid foundation for efficient information management, streamlining processes within the organization. The alignment with Government standards serves as a testament to the cllients commitment to upholding the highest security protocols and ensures their compliance in an ever-changing landscape of regulatory requirements.

Empowering the Future

With the adoption of the new Digital Policy, the regulatory body is poised to embark on the next phase of their information security journey. The focus now shifts to drafting a complementary Security Policy, meticulously crafted to align with the Government Functional Standard GovS 007. This forthcoming policy will further strengthen the clients security posture, creating a robust framework that seamlessly integrates with the Digital Policy. By incorporating both policies, the regulatory body will be equipped with a comprehensive roadmap that addresses IT, IM, and security requirements, allowing them to navigate the intricate landscape of cybersecurity threats with confidence.

Through collaboration with risual, the client has successfully undertaken a comprehensive review and update of their IT, IM, and Security Policies. This partnership ensures that the regulatory body’s information security practices align with the latest industry standards and best practices. By fortifying their policies, the client demonstrates their unwavering commitment to safeguarding critical information assets. With the adoption of the Digital Policy and the forthcoming Security Policy, the client is now better positioned to mitigate risks, maintain compliance, and foster a culture of robust information security. The journey towards a more secure future continues, and they stand at the forefront of protecting sensitive information in their industry.

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