The Aviation industry faces several challenges, including increased competition, changing regulations, and growing demand for air travel. One of the most pressing challenges is to improve in-flight performance, which includes reducing fuel consumption, increasing aircraft uptime, and minimising unplanned maintenance downtime.

risual has recently been working with an Aviation client. The organisation desires to increase efficiency, reduce costs and minimise downtime as much as possible. The problems identified was the need to combine two disparate systems for recording aircraft maintenance and in-flight performance to increase efficiency, reduce costs, minimise unplanned downtime, and meet strict industry safety standards.

To achieve these goals, Aviation organisations need to leverage the latest technologies such as cloud technologies, data analytics, machine learning, and automation to streamline their operations and optimise their resources. They also need to ensure compliance with industry safety standards and regulations while meeting the increasing demands of customers for more efficient and comfortable air travel experiences. Failure to address these challenges could result in increased costs, reduced profitability, and loss of market share to more agile and innovative competitors.

As part of the project, risual and the Aviation client’s Digital Group implemented Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to digitize their aircraft maintenance record system. This powerful cloud-based suite of APIs and machine learning models has enabled developers to integrate intelligent features like speech recognition, image analysis, and natural language processing into the application, accelerating innovation and enhancing user experiences. In addition, the Aviation client has also adopted Azure Digital Twins, creating a living data ecosystem to track each aircraft’s maintenance, performance, history, and health in a traceable digital record.

Going forward, the Aviation organisation can offer a unique competitive edge by providing customers with accurate, efficient reporting capabilities and proof of compliance documentation, ranging from fleet-level to individual aircraft components.

With the use of Azure, Azure Synapse, Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Digital Twins, this project has successfully helped the organization meet its initial goals, improving in-flight performance, increasing aircraft uptime, and minimizing downtime.

In summary, since leveraging the technology, the Aviation organisation is now benefiting from:

✈️ Increased efficiency

✈️ Reduced costs

✈️ Minimised downtime

✈️ Streamline operations

✈️ Optimise resource

✈️ Maintained and ability to prove compliance

✈️ Digitised maintenance record system

✈️ Enhance user experiences

✈️ Living data ecosystem

✈️ Can track each aircraft’s maintenance, performance, history and health

✈️ Unique competitive advantage

✈️ Accuracy on reporting

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