A large central government housing organisation wanted to manage information and security during COVID-19 lockdown. Senior leadership wanted to track COVID-19 information using dashboards and share this with the wider organisation.  

The housing organisation wanted to move away from third party solutions that currently supported its systems. Deadlines set by senior management were closing in. The team managing the project wanted to ensure that both parties could view the data.  

We worked with the team managing the project and agreed the best solution would be a web application built in Azure Landing Zone with Power BI Embedded to host the dashboards. This allowed the leadership team to share and secure the dashboards and their information on a need to know basis. Our development team built the dashboards well before the client’s schedule and had plenty of time to provide additional enhancements as requested.  

Moving forward, the client has now completely moved away from the third-party app and manages all aspects internally. The large government housing organisation and risual are still working together to further live Managed Services and Power BI projects. 

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