A law-enforcement command within the UK needed to increase its security when focusing on Imposter Detection on the border. Following suspicious activity, it was crucial that the law-enforcement organisation was supported and applications implemented as soon as possible.

The client wanted something to allow for a more streamlined security process as well as incorporating new technology such as facial recognition and remote working capabilities. The ability to use the solution regardless of location was a primary factor when choosing a partner, the client needed someone with successful experience in remote tools and applications.

risual deployed IoT devices at ports across the country, connecting the data generated into a single Power BI report. Using Azure Sphere and hooking into Azure IoT Hub allowed for complete coverage of all the data collected in one single platform. risual used Windows 10 to secure the client’s portable devices, deploying and creating data profiles correctly and efficiently.

Now the client not only has access to real-time data on portable devices but has also streamlined data into a single Power BI report. Notifications are sent out to specified contacts for all suspicious activity meaning end-users are now confident in their capabilities.

Providing this actionable information not only increases our client’s end-user’s satisfaction but also improves the security of the UK.

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