Dynamic technologies ensure successful business transformation

The challenge

HR Solutions were previously using Salesforce as their primary CRM however found there were several bottlenecks. The CEO of HR Solutions reached out to Microsoft to find potential solutions to the challenges they were facing. Through Microsoft, HR Solutions chose to work with risual to support them on the transformation journey.

The engagement

The Microsoft recommendation of risual stems from the gold partnerships held and the business transformation projects risual delivers. risual clearly demonstrated how Dynamics 365 would meet HR Solutions needs and with the addition of the roadmap, showed how these developments would further improve the organisation.

The risual Consultancy division engaged with senior management at HR Solutions to develop this vision and use dynamic technologies. From this initial triage, risual brought their vision to life in a fully equipped, innovative solution. HR Solutions are now expanding on this functionality and are aiming to roll out additional Dynamics 365 products throughout 2020

The future

HR Solutions not only want to expand on Dynamics 365 but want to start leveraging other services across Office 365 and the Microsoft public cloud.

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