risual transforms the way users interact with documents for a more secure, streamlined and successful approach to document management.

A navigation service provider was struggling to manage all their documents, version creations, and oversight within their business. They couldn’t see a solution to storing, managing and monitoring all their internal storage.

The company had mounting pressure to become a more modern workplace, to understand and manage their data successfully and efficiently but they couldn’t find a solution that worked for them.

risual presented the navigation service provider with the Central Hub. The Central Hub aims to transform the way that operational users and the Technical Office access and interact with centrally managed controlled documents and other externally managed documents needed for operational use. This ensures improved safety by ensuring that users have access to the latest versions of content, reducing the effort required to maintain the documentation and allowing greater oversight of how these documents are being used and maintained through the business.

risual’s solution provided:

  • An auditable central repository for Policy, Process, Procedures, and instructions to be accessed by the users that remove the duplication and individual site approach.
  • Delivers quality processes and replaces old legacy systems.
  • A robust Change Request Process embedded within the document repository through the establishment of an administration and governance structure that will facilitate amendments, reports creation and change controls at appropriate levels to support daily operational requirements.
  • The company’s operations team with intuitive access points to information, instructions, policy, process, and procedures relevant to their role and place of work.
  • To identify forms and documents to be created as an electronic smart format with a view to simplifying/automating content completion, that can be accessed within the operation across multiple devices and removes reliance on paper documents.
  • Identifies smart processes requiring input, output, and queries of data against rules already in place.
  • Facilitates local ownership of data and management interrogation of this data in the form of queries, reports, and dashboards across all areas.
  • Supports understanding of operations and adds value.
  • A scalable repeatable structure that can be easily implemented.

risual provided 4 key impacts on the client:

  • Reduced the use of paper in Operational environments.
  • Enabled consistent common tooling and methods across the business.
  • The reduced effort needed to create and maintain reports and systems.
  • It provides a single source of truth for documentation and data.

The client saw the value as risual successfully delivered against all business requirements and in addition identified additional areas of benefit. risual also continued to support their systems with their Azure Optimisation Service.

This project was delivered using Agile to speed up the process, increasing end-user engagement form the very beginning.

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