risual supports internal client initiative with custom SharePoint environment.

To promote wellbeing within the company, this client came to risual looking to move away from an external intranet provider to the Office 365 suite to host their internal intranet sites. Creating a solution for this client meant taking apart the existing which then resulted in a recommendation of a move to O365 and SharePoint to host and display their intranet which could be customised to their needs.

Due to their current provider being costly and providing unstructured data, risual realised that this client could be making much better use of their O365 tenant and licensing. It was clear that the client was looking for far more structured and organised data and was looking to use MS technology to get it.

A fully designed intranet solution has now been deployed internally for the various elements of the business such as capturing business benefits to employees, events, news and what to keep an eye out for. risual also now supports the custom code that has been written to create the desired branding.

As well as an intranet solution, risual have also coupled Application Development is here to design and write custom code for the SharePoint environment for the look and feel desired by the client. risual also advised on User Experience Features and what to implement for easy reading and accessibility.

risual’s engagement with this client was very positive and successful and gave us great practice into managing a customer effectively and highlighted the value that simple solutions like SharePoint can bring to a client.

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