An HR Solutions company approached risual with some requirements to help increase efficiencies within their business using Microsoft technologies. The client wanted to reduce the overhead of managing their current CRM system, reduce the overall cost of their CRM system and utilise more of the Microsoft stack that they were paying for. The aim was to reap the full benefits of their investment in Microsoft technologies and licensing. They also wanted to increase data usage within their business on the ground floor.

risual deployed Dynamics 365 to reduce the total management cost of their current CRM system. They also provided additional tools such as Power BI to report on data in Dynamics, giving the data back to people on the ground floor to use and have access to daily. risual also provided additional apps such as Sales Hub to provide a streamlined method of interacting with sales data, making things simpler and more efficient for both leadership and people on the ground floor. Multiple automated processes were also created to reduce the overhead of managing a CRM instance and are now working with the HR solutions company to update and manage their systems moving forward.

risual reduced the total management cost of their current CRM system by providing additional tools and apps that have made data far more accessible to all. Because multiple automated processes were created, the overhead for managing a CRM instance was reduced, and on-going management means that the client is kept updated with pivotal and key changes when needed.

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