Several businesses fear the pain of change. Moving away from its current supplier or processes can be viewed as a phase which causes more harm than good to the organisation.

A legal professional services group worked with risual due to being unhappy with its current supplier which could not keep up with the demand. The client wanted to roll out devices to ensure the entire organisation and end users had access to the latest technology – creating a bigger opportunity to succeed.

risual had previously engaged with the client for device training, thus understood its challenges and vision. At short notice, the client explained the need for all devices to be rolled out within a few days.

The risual team understood the requirements and demand for the project, and within those days rolled out all devices across multiple locations, offices, and departments. The Modern Device project progressed to training and adoption to drive true value and success throughout the legal and professional services group. The risual Project Management Office worked efficiently to provide the right skillset from the Managed Services (rMS) department. rMS grouped a set of experienced engineers for the device rollout to start immediately.

Our engineers troubleshooted on site, worked out of hours and weekends to ensure the client got the solution needed. Meeting the requirements within the agreed timescales encouraged trust to our newly formed partnership and moving forward we want to aid the client in further development of their business to continue success.

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