risual increases global collaboration and communication through Microsoft technology.

risual came across a pharmaceuticals company that had no real form of collaboration across their worldwide network of clients, partners, and staff. They were wasting effort on unnecessary things due to legacy technologies and employee’s being stuck in a fixed mindset. It was a real struggle for the client as they had tried multiple methods of communication to try and collaborate across their global network, but nothing seemed to work.

The client and risual engaged with a business analyst resource to gauge an understanding of how the end-users currently worked, the challenges involved and the end-goal for them.

risual worked on multiple areas of the business, working with the client to plan out a Microsoft Teams configuration-specific engagement, to the requirements of the user groups and produced an adoption plan to ensure users know how to use the solution best in their roles.

The client wanted to enable their employees to focus all their energy on tasks that matter, to prevent them from wasting effort on tasks that could be automated or made more efficient. They wanted to be streamlined and risual was the Microsoft partner to help.

The outcome the client saw was:

  • Improved collaboration across the whole global network. Allowing partners, staff and employees to interact with one another frequently, effectively and successfully. Creating an environment where people felt comfortable communicating with one another because they understood the technology and the methods in which they could communicate.
  • Increased collaboration due to staff, partners and employees understanding the technology in place and the multiple ways in which they could communicate across the company’s global network.
  • Simplified communication methods, allowing staff, partners and employees to quickly, effectively and successfully understand one another and increase communication between sites.
  • Productivity increased across the whole business thanks to increased collaboration and more effective communication methods. Collaboration ideas were no longer being lost in email trails but stored successfully for multiple people to access.

The client was brought insights on how to collaborate regardless of where in the world they wanted to communicate. Through teams, they discovered easy, simplified and effective communication methods that allowed them to become a lot more fluid and successful in their collaboration globally.

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