A global charity was in need of a modernisation and enhancement project to improve the current way of working. The charity had an outdated way of working, sharing knowledge and communicating new insights due to a shift from Country Office operational functions (including ICT) to a global format.

The solution recommended by risual was to engage with a valued partner, Automated Intelligence utilising their AI. DATALIFT tool. This tool would enable the client to fully understand what data it had, its state, and its importance to the organisation. Using this assessment, decisions could be made as to what data is taken forward for migration to the O365 Collaboration environment. The key driver for the global charity was that they did not know what data they had, and where it was stored.

From linking the risual information architecture engagement to a data assessment, the organisation achieved a new collaboration platform. The platform was designed perfectly to support how the organisation wanted to operate in the future, to achieve greater insight and forecasting of resources globally against expected areas of trouble. Using the outcomes of the data assessment phase, it was able to only migrate data that was relevant, and of user/business value, and that was held in the most appropriate technology areas, such as Teams, SharePoint or personal spaces such as OneDrive. This has a direct effect on success from the overall investment, as users see value from using the new platform, they gain fast and accurate search results because only the relevant data is being searched, with no dross or duplicate data hindering results.

IT departments typically struggle with involvement from a business stakeholder and decision making. Alongside this, a common challenge for the organisation is that areas throughout the business do not take responsibility for the data and will shy away from making powerful decisions around data retention, accessibility, and storage.

To achieve successful migration, it is always important to remember that a tight and professionally managed project scope is required to manage multiple partners and stakeholders to achieve an efficient delivery outcome. It is perceived by customers that AI. DATALIFT is not cheap, and customers ideally want to pause the term to make sure time does not run away before they are ready to make final decisions.

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