This client was managing HR processes in a very manual, legacy and ineffective way. They were using spreadsheets and manual processes to manage employee’s internal which was resulting in significant productivity loss and inconsistency. The mission was to embed a new way of working utilising Talent 365 as part of the Dynamics platform, to drive automation and productivity improvements across HR processes.

As part of the project, risual wanted to lead by embedding a change in the way the HR team currently works. To do this, it was key that our Business Analysts were involved to establish an understanding of the current processes and ways of working and how the technology (Talent 365) can help to reach the desired state. risual engaged our BA’s to map processes to the technology and engaged our Business Productivity consultants to implement the technology in-line with these requirements.

risual being engaged with the client was the main driver behind this work. risual challenged the client around why they are working in such a legacy way, across the board and not just regarding the HR function. This led to conversations around how they could work in the new, Cloud world and how this would impact day to day roles in a positive way. After demoing Talent as a solution, risual aligned this to their current processes and quantified the improvements they would receive from a productivity, quality and consistency perspective.

At this moment, the client has not been using the solution for very long. It’s been recently implemented and due to it being a large and very functional system, the training element of the project is crucial. They have already noticed great benefits around the speed in which they are able to action tasks around the onboarding and offboarding of new users into the organisation. They are able to now automate the majority of onboarding processes to employees where previously; this was all done manually on a per user basis. The productivity increase has been significant, and they now have a consistent way to manage new employees into the business.

Talent has endless HR functionality and is a very powerful tool. The technology is definitely a big part of this project however the change and adoption of it is where the real value and benefits are realised. Particularly when the organisation is used to working in such an outdated way as this client was. It is also worth noting that Talent is very new to the Microsoft portfolio and is something that they are constantly updating and improving, which makes the system evergreen.

From engagements with this client, risual learned that it’s crucial to approach this kind of project leading with a Business Analyst. This is something that risual were aware of at the time, but through the success of the project, risual can relate that directly back to being engaged at a business process level as a pose to the technical system level. The business, user requirements, and the technology will follow.

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